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Lifetime Replacement (Warranty)

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What is a Lifetime Replacement?


What is Lifetime Replacement?

Our LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS program is designed to add the most value to our customers.

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How Long does Lifetime Replacement Last?

We like to say FOREVER! Long after we're all gone, the Lifetime Replacement will carry on!

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What does Lifetime Replacement Cover?

Everything that can go wrong with the wallet, even if your dog turns it into a puppy chew toy! Just send your wallet in and we will replace your wallet at any time for any reason.

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What is NOT Covered by Lifetime Replacement?

- A lost or stolen wallet. For that, we offer Kings Care! - Limited edition items - Compact - Hybrid money clip. Order here:

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What does RSP Mean?

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Where is my Replacement?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to process your replacement. Also be sure that you have mailed back your old wallet with the provided return label.

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Overview of the Lifetime Replacement Program

Here is a brief overview of Lifetime replacements.

Color or Model Change for my Replacement

If you wish to change the color or model of the wallet you are replacing, there is a $15 upgrade fee in addition to the $20 Lifetime Replacement RSP cost (Return, Shipping, and Processing). Some products, like our Supreme Collection, will require the

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