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Lifetime Replacement (Warranty)

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What is a Lifetime Replacement?


What are Lifetime Replacements?

Our LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS program is designed to add the most value to our customers.

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How Long Does Lifetime Replacement Last?

We like to say FOREVER! Long after we're all gone, the Lifetime Replacement will carry on!

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What do Lifetime Replacements Cover?

Everything that can go wrong with the wallet, even if your dog turns it into a puppy chew toy! Just send your wallet in and we will replace your wallet at any time for any reason.

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What is NOT Covered by the Lifetime Replacement?

- A lost or stolen wallet. For that, we offer Kings Care! - Limited edition items - Compact - Hybrid money clip. Order here:

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What does RSP Mean?

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Where is my Replacement?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to process your replacement. Also be sure that you have mailed back your old wallet with the provided return label.

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Overview of the Lifetime Replacement Program

Here is a brief overview of Lifetime replacements.

Color or Model Change for my Replacement

If you wish to change the color or model of the wallet you are replacing, please reach out to [email protected] We will automatically replace the item that was sent in with the same model and color unless otherwise specified via email. If your p