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Color or Model Change for my ReplacementUpdated a day ago

If you wish to change the color or model of the wallet you are replacing, there is a $15 upgrade fee in addition to the $20 Lifetime Replacement RSP cost (Return, Shipping, and Processing).

Some products, like our Supreme Collection, will require the difference in price to be paid. For example, $15 will not cover the cost to upgrade from our Hybrid to our Supreme Hybrid. This may also apply to future products that have a price difference of more than $15.

Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance with any questions regarding your replacement that is not answered while filling out the Lifetime Replacement or Skip the Wait form. 

Please note: We will automatically replace the item that was sent in with the same model and color unless otherwise specified via email. If your product or color is not listed on the form, please reach out so we may assist you. 

 You can access our Lifetime Replacement link here (scroll down until you see the box that says Lifetime Replacement):

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