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My Order Has Been DelayedUpdated 10 months ago

Unfortunately, there may be delivery delays due to reasons outside of our control, e.g. carrier delays, severe weather, natural disasters, or labor strikes, etc. 

We ship all orders within 1-2 business days (unless an extra request has been submitted from the customer). Once shipped, we provide a Tracking Confirmation email to your email address on file. 

Once a package leaves our facility, we are no longer able to control how your order is handled or its journey to your door.

Please check the Shipping Carrier's website for their statements on current delays and transit times.

Please Note: What you see is what we see as far as the tracking information goes. We see the same information that you see when checking your tracking number, so we likely will not be able to give you an explanation that the carrier has not already provided via tracking number.

If you need additional help after checking your tracking number, please contact your carrier. 

DHL and USPS contact info is provided below:

DHL US Customer Service:
+1 317-554-5191

USPS Customer Service:
+1 800-275-8777

Thank you,

Kings Loot

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